About phillypride

Forever a Philadelphian at heart, I
currently reside in Brooklyn, New York working in advertising
sales for The New York Times. Growing up in suburban
Philadelphia had me rooting year-round for the Phillies,
Eagles, Sixers, and Flyers (and the Kixx, Wings, and so on).
Now I find myself pitted between Yankees and Mets fans in the
Big Apple…ugh! I’m always active, playing soccer in the
Cosmopolitan League of New York…go Fury…playing softball
on both the Times paper and digital teams, or toning up at
the gym. I never took a journalism course in high school or
college, but always had a hidden passion to write. With
Philly Pride, I now bring together my ridiculous obsession
with sports and my writing. Let’s hope for the best!


Baseball (to watch) and softball (to play),
soccer, golf, olympic swimming, action and comedy movies,
Chipotle burritos, and High-Def TV.